Greg Darnall Bits – Curb, Transition and Turning

Greg Darnall Curb Bits, Transition Bits and Special Tuning Bits Designed to Produce Great Results

Note:The curb bits are arranged on this page with the mildest bits listed first. Before ordering, you may want to read Larry Trocha’s Horse Training Tips newsletter which details how and when to use the different types of curb bits.

Transition Curb Bits

These bits are designed to help graduate your horse from the snaffle to a bit that uses leverage. The transition bits are appropriate when first introducing a horse to neck-reining but can also be used with a direct-rein to position his head.

Each mouthpiece is made of “sweet iron” and has inlaid copper strips to produce the taste that horses prefer.

Argentine Snaffle

This bit is perfect to use as the first step in the transition process. The short, curved-back shanks allows the horse to learn to respond to the curb yet is very mild. The loose-shanks provide for good direct-rein lateral flexion. Recommended for horses that are very sensitive.

Mouthpiece: 5″ wide, 7/16″ diameter snaffle

Cheek-piece (shank): 5″ long

Price $69.00
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Billy Allen Mouthpiece with 8″ Loose-Shanks
(Highly Recommended)

This is the ultimate transition bit. If I had to choose just one transition bit, this would be the one.

Basically, its a snaffle mouthpiece with a “roller” molded over the middle joint. This roller “limits” the movement of the mouthpiece. What’s great about this, is the horse gets the feel of a mouthpiece that is almost “solid” but still has some “flex” to it.

This semi-solid mouthpiece gives you a lot of control without scaring or worrying the horse. A good bit that horses actually like, you can usually leave a horse in it for most of his training. I highly recommend this bit.

Mouthpiece: 5″ wide. Cheek-piece 8″ long.

Price $89.00
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Loose-Shanked Curb Bits

These curb bits are designed for positive control and feel. The loose shanks allow for good direct-rein or neck-rein response.

Each mouthpiece is made of “sweet iron” and has inlaid copper stripes to produce the taste that horses prefer.

Also, these bits are a “NO PINCH” design. Many bits will pinch a horse’s lower lip between the top ring and the curb chain. The lips will also get pinched by the cheekpiece joint. Pinching is NOT a problem with any of the bits listed on this page.

Maintenance tip: To keep the cheek pieces of the bit operating smoothly, occasionally put a drop of oil or WD40 in the cheek joints.

Low-Port Mouthpiece with Loose-Shanks

This is usually the first solid-mouthpiece bit that a horse should go in.

The low port is mild plus the loose shanks allows for good direct-rein suppling and lateral control.

Mouthpiece: 5″ wide, 1/2″ diameter, low-port

Cheek-piece (shank): 8″ long

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Medium-Port Mouthpiece with Loose-Shanks

This medium-port bit is for horses that require more tongue relief and bar pressure.

Its a very good “middle-of-the-road” curb bit that gives plenty of control yet is relatively mild.

Mouthpiece: 5″ wide, 1/2″ diameter, medium-port

Cheek-piece (shank): 8″ long

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High-Port Mouthpiece with Loose-Shanks

This high-port bit is for horses that require a lot of tongue relief and bar pressure.

The port is high but it’s also wide which allows plenty of room. Its a very good curb bit that offers more control than the low port mouthpiece.

Mouthpiece: 5″ wide, 3/8″ diameter, high-port

Cheek-piece (shank): 8″ long

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Correction Curb Bits

Based on famous bit maker, Don Hansen’s design, these two correction bits are ideal for “tuning” and “lightening” a horse up. Good results are usually accomplished in just a few rides. They can be used anytime the horse gets too heavy and needs a little extra. After the horse lightens up, he should be put back into his regular bit.

The mouthpiece is overlaid with good-tasting copper. Shanks are stainless steel.

Correction Mouthpiece with Medium Shanks
Highly Recommended

This is the ideal bit to lighten-up your horse. The correction mouthpiece really helps with the horse’s stop.

And the loose shanks allows you to easily flex the horse’s head laterally for correct circles and turns.

Once good results are achieved, put the horse back into his regular curb or transition bit.

Mouthpiece: 5″ wide. Cheek-piece (shank): 7 1/2″ long.

Price: $49.00
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Correction Mouthpiece with Argentine Shanks

This is the bit to use to really lighten up a horse that is normally ridden in a snaffle or one of the above transition bits.

The correction mouthpiece really helps with the horse’s stop. And the short, curved-back shank allows you to easily flex the horse’s head laterally for correct circles and turns.

Overall, a really good bit for a horse that needs to pay more attention but isn’t ready for a longer shanked bit.

Mouthpiece: 5″ wide. Cheek-piece (shank): 5″ long.

Price: $49.00
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Curb Chain with Leather Ends

Harness leather 1/2″ curb ends with single link, nickel plated chain and center bar buckles.

Price: $15.00
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Leather Curb Strap

This leather curb strap is 1/2″ wide and will work as a “curb strap” on a curb bit or as a “bit hobble” on a ring snaffle.

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  1. Linda Hughes says

    I’m seeing cutters using correction bits with a small ball or prong projecting below the bar. Is this good?

  2. Shannon F says

    Hi Larry!

    Just wondering if it is possible to get the Billy Allen in 5 1/2″ width?
    Thanks so much!

      • Shannon F says

        Thanks very much for your reply Larry!
        I hate to bother you with questions like this, but what would you recommend similar to the Billy Allen, that I could get in 5 1/2″?
        I have been looking at many bits online, but WOW, there are so many out there that look similar, but are obviously different in shank appearance. What about a Billy Allen mouthpiece Cavalry? He does have a tendency to lip at a shank, so I was considering it.

        Again, I appreciate your time!

  3. Earlene says

    Hi Larry,

    I have a question about the Billy Allen Mouthpiece with 8″ Loose-Shanks.

    Can you use this bit as an every day bit on a trained horse ?

    If not can you please recommend one.

    Thank you

  4. Katie says

    Hi Larry,
    I’m just starting out in the cutting horse world and would like to know what your favorite Show bit is for cutting?
    Thanks :)

    • LarryTrocha says

      My favorite show bit is the bit that works best on my horse.

      You should read the bitting info at the top of this page.

  5. eduardo prado says

    hi larry i from Venezuela which curb bit is better for improve the stop? between Correction Mouthpiece with Medium Shanks or Correction Mouthpiece with Argentine Shanks. when the horses is heavy and doesnt use her hindquarter very well. im going to wait your answer

  6. Teri Park says

    I am looking for a bit for my perfomance barrel mare. She is very strong and I have been using the long shank million dollar bit of Martha Joseys. My mare runs really hard and does not complete here turns on second and third barrel. I struggle with pulling her around them with this bit. She is very patterened and does wonderful slow work. It is when you go to run with lots of power that this happens. What do you think would be a good choice for me to use?

    Teri Park

  7. KNelson says

    Hi larry I noticed you had all loose shanks and no solid shanks. Do you not like solid shank curb bits? When your showing reining or cutting can you use either kind?

  8. Tiffany says

    Hi Larry, I’ve been using your techniques on my barrel horse for 2 years and she has the most soft and supple mouth it’s wonderful. We’ve been working patterns during this time and I would like to increase the speed this year yet am struggling to find the right bit for her. I’ve been training her in you highly recommended thin wire smooth snaffle and switching on/off with a German martingale using it only when learning new techniques. She’s very soft but every now and then she will drop her shoulder even as I lift and use my inside leg to push her off the barrel. Do you have any suggestions or a personal favorite that you would recommend? Thank you for the constant news letters, free training videos, useful tack and your wonderful DVDs!! It has completly changed me into the kind of confident rider I’ve always dreAmed to be.

  9. lynn says

    my reining horse is in a medium correction bit, but he is so light in the mouth that sometimes he gaps when in a slide stop. i was looking into changing him into the correction with Argentine shanks. Your opinion would be appreciated.


  10. sharon says

    I am using a billy allen western reining bit with the roller bar on my horse. My question is, where does the curb chain get attached? I have it at the loop where the headstall is connected, but there are 2 loops directly behind the bit itself, and have had mixed advice on the curb chain placement.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    • LarryTrocha says

      @sharon: Hi Sharon. the curb chain attaches to the same loops as the headstall.

      Adjust it so the shanks can travel about 2″ before the curb chain makes contact.

      Larry T.

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