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Cutting Horse Videos That Teach Every Aspect Of Riding, Training & Showing A Cutting Horse!

Cutting Horse Trainer, Larry Trocha
Cutting and Reining Horse Trainer, Larry Trocha

Hi – I’m Larry Trocha.

Although I’ve trained and shown reining and working cow horses in AQHA competition, my first love has always been cutting horses (NCHA & PCCHA).

I’ve won multiple aged events and year-end titles (so have my non-pros) but I enjoy training futurity horses the most.

I am happy to share this specialized knowledge with you through my online training videos and DVDs.

How to ride, train and show cutting horses Cutting Horse Know How (online video)
HOW TO RIDE, TRAIN & SHOW CUTTING HORSES. The most complete and in-depth cutting horse instruction available anywhere. If you want to learn to ride, train & show a cutting horse… plus fix problems… this program is for you.

How to start your horse on cattle How to Start Your Horse on Cattle (DVD)
The secret to starting and developing a “cow smart” cow horse. This dvd is super detailed. Nothing is left out. If you want to get your horse started on cattle the right way, here’s the blueprint.

Mechanical cow Cutting Horse Training using the Mechanical Cow (DVD)
The secret to training a cow horse when you don’t have fresh cattle. These days everybody recognizes the need to have the best tools available to get the job done. The mechanical cow or flag is one of those indispensable tools all serious cutting trainers use to train their horse.


How to get a horse started on cattle Introduction To Cow Work (online video)
INITIAL TRAINING ON CATTLE… PLUS THE MECHANICAL COW. A detailed guide for starting your horse on cattle… plus how to use the mechanical cow. If you plan on doing cutting, reined cow horse or ranch sorting, this video shows how to get your horse started right.

cowtrac-series100Cutting Horse Training Tips Video Series (free videos)
Sign up to receive my 3-part video series… FREE. The videos contain tips for training green, intermediate & advanced horses using the CowTrac mechanical cow (flag)… totally free!

Cutting Horses for Sale Cutting Horses and Cow Horses for Sale
Iconoclast Support Boots New, absolutely the best and a must for competition cutting horses.

Need a mechanical cow? Here’s the best…

CowTrac Mechanical Cow

Success Story 1

Dear Larry,

I ordered “Starting Your Horse on Cattle” first and was so impressed I ordered the “Cutting Horse Training using the Mechanical Cow” video, joined the Inner Circle program and I’m still impressed. You are answering so many questions. I can’t get enough! You are a great teacher and also a great horseman.

Thanks! – J D Henley, Stratford, TX

Success Story 2

Dear Larry,

My husband and I are so pleased with your cutting video! It is the best we have seen on the market yet. We love all the detailed information you give and yet keep in calm control of the horse and cow as you are teaching. A mark of a true professional. We have already ordered more videos from your site and plan to order more in the future. Thanks for making “real” professional training information available.

Sincerely, – Jon and Pam Hunnicutt


  1. pat says

    Hi Larry I think your videos is very good I leared a lot my girl is still learing the reining letet but thank you so much for all your input it helps alot

  2. Malzahn Melanie says

    Hi Larry, I just ordered an other package for Belgium which is way over my budget..but I can’t get enough, like so many others which are leaving you a message. I don’t have a cutting or reining horse and all the progress I do is hmm… fictif, no theoretical in my head, and guess what, it is fun. I’m training every lesson in my head, without riding physically a horse and I can’t get enough of it…Ok I actually wanted to ask if there is a place in your 3 day basic cutting clinic 2016 and how much it costs (I thought you don’t give lessons on your horses?) Anyway I am interested and I’m starting (next month) to put some money aside for it. Hope you give clinics in 2016! Thanks take care Mel

  3. JAMES WOLF says

    I have four old stud colt Duel Tee Jeep which cutting vidoes would recommand for starting him.


  4. Katelynn says

    My horse and I are just starting to get into sorting. We don’t have access to cows all the time so we’ve set up a ‘mechanical cow’ in our round pen but I’m having trouble keeping my horse’s attention on the flag. He’s interested in everything BUT the flag. I don’t have this problem when I work cows. Any tips?

    Thank you!

  5. John says

    Hi Larry,
    just want to say thanks for so many good tips on training and your vey good advice.
    So much appreciated.
    THanks ,John

  6. Juslain lumaye says

    I just got a stud that was at a cutter trainer for 4mnths. He wont cross over in the front he does a lil now but the trainer said u never alow a cutter to cross over. Is this true?

    • LarryTrocha says

      @Juslain lumaye: Hi Juslain. When it comes to training horses… to each their own.

      As far as crossing over goes… I went to a cutting just last weekend.
      The cutting was judged by Tim Stuart (an NCHA 4-A judge).

      The stallion I showed in the Open class, marked a 75 and won the class.

      The gelding I showed in the $10,000 Novice class, marked a 75 and won that 19-horse class.


      The horse I rode to win the year-end Championship saddle last year was trained to CROSS UNDER.

      Nuff said.

      Larry T.

      • Juslain lumaye says

        Thank you! Im also a judge going for my nrcha this weekend and when I rode with ray hunt he always said the best horse is a balanced horse. The lady who owns the stud n the past trainer all get on my case for getting him to cross over says hell fall over lol. Just wanted your ideas congrats on your score. I didnt wana get in a tiff with them but to me from a judges pov I wana see that cross over shows me athleticness and balance. Thanks agien. @LarryTrocha:

      • Juslain lumaye says

        Thank you! Im also a judge going for my nrcha this weekend and when I rode with ray hunt he always said the best horse is a balanced horse. The lady who owns the stud n the past trainer all get on my case for getting him to cross over says hell fall over lol. Just wanted your ideas congrats on your score. I didnt wana get in a tiff with them but to me from a judges pov I wana see that cross over shows me athleticness and balance. Thanks agien. Other commen/ question I have always been taought that theres two spinns wch outside hind leg and reining inside hind leg it was a huge tiff at the judges seminar thats they say the only spin is the inside n they got really pissy about it. What are your ideas? @LarryTrocha:

  7. Dan Heindl says

    I’ve had an interest in riding for many years, but haven’t been able to pursue this interest.
    I’ve only ridden a few hours in the last 40 years. In a couple of years I’ll be retiring
    and hope to pursue this interest – I have a couple hundred acres here in Wisconsin.

    I’d like to develop a working relationship not just a pleasure relationship in riding. I
    find cutting and reining to be most appealing, especially cutting. When I select a horse,
    I will also be getting tack, some lessons locally, and most likely a set of DVDs from you.

    I’ve been watching your online videos, and have two questions. In watching your video
    for selecting a saddle, I see the value in getting a saddle that properly fits the horse
    and rider – most likely a custom made saddle. If a horse is young and developing,
    when can you get a custom saddle that will most likely be a good fit for many years? Do you typically start training to saddle while the horse is younger then this – what do
    you use for a saddle at this time?

    Secondly, in your videos you correct whenever the horse does not keep its head down.
    What is the reason to train the horse to keep its head down? I assume it
    encourages the horse to be more attentive to what you ask it to do, not that it is
    only a requirement for showing, but I don’t know.- hope you can help me understand.


    • LarryTrocha says

      @Dan Heindl: Hi Dan. No one saddle is going fit any horse for years and years.

      A horse’s back changes a lot during his life.


      Once you try to do cutting or reining, you’ll understand the importance of good head position.

      Larry T.

  8. courtney says


    I recently purchased a cutting bred yearling filly. So far she seems extremely quick & very attentive….my hopes are that she will be very cowy & enjoy cutting even with all the hard work….only time & lots of training will tell of course but what I am wondering is if you could possibly take a look at her pedigree for me? I don’t recognize the horses on her papers but I recognize a lot from her fourth generation back. Another question I have is why would anyone breed a cutter to a halter horse? Zan Parr Bar is 6 generations back on her sires side & he was bred to Shanghai Breeze which is by Impressive. My fillys name is Pepsi Witha Attitude. She is on if you could tell me if she has good cutting bloodlines. Thank you!

  9. Dave Gault says

    Do you know of a school for beginner cutting horse riders? I live in Ohio but would travel to the right location to get started. thank you.

    • LarryTrocha says

      @Dave Gault: Hi Dave. You can find one on the ncha website or maybe an ad in the quarter horse news.

      The problem is finding one that will supply you with a horse. Most clinics require you to bring your own horse.

      The other problem is finding a clinic with an instructor that’s a good communicator and knows how to teach.

      Pretty tough to find.

      That’s why I don’t recommend any of the ones I know about.

      Larry T.

  10. Antonio De pinho says

    Hello Mr Trocha I’m watching the video of the horse CowHouse Genuine Ich and wanted to know if is still for sale, also wanted to know how many hands have have this horse.

    Best regards

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