Cutting Horse Training Videos

Cutting Horse Videos That Teach Every Aspect Of Riding, Training & Showing A Cutting Horse!

Cutting Horse Trainer, Larry Trocha
Cutting and Reining Horse Trainer, Larry Trocha

Hi – I’m Larry Trocha.

Although I’ve trained and shown reining and working cow horses in AQHA competition, my first love has always been cutting horses (NCHA & PCCHA).

I’ve won multiple aged events and year-end titles (so have my non-pros) but I enjoy training futurity horses the most.

I am happy to share this specialized knowledge with you through my online training videos and DVDs.

How to ride, train and show cutting horses Cutting Horse Know How (online video)
HOW TO RIDE, TRAIN & SHOW CUTTING HORSES. The most complete and in-depth cutting horse instruction available anywhere. If you want to learn to ride, train & show a cutting horse… plus fix problems… this program is for you.

How to start your horse on cattle How to Start Your Horse on Cattle (DVD)
The secret to starting and developing a “cow smart” cow horse. This dvd is super detailed. Nothing is left out. If you want to get your horse started on cattle the right way, here’s the blueprint.

Mechanical cow Cutting Horse Training using the Mechanical Cow (DVD)
The secret to training a cow horse when you don’t have fresh cattle. These days everybody recognizes the need to have the best tools available to get the job done. The mechanical cow or flag is one of those indispensable tools all serious cutting trainers use to train their horse.


How to get a horse started on cattle Introduction To Cow Work (online video)
INITIAL TRAINING ON CATTLE… PLUS THE MECHANICAL COW. A detailed guide for starting your horse on cattle… plus how to use the mechanical cow. If you plan on doing cutting, reined cow horse or ranch sorting, this video shows how to get your horse started right.

cowtrac-series100Cutting Horse Training Tips Video Series (free videos)
Sign up to receive my 3-part video series… FREE. The videos contain tips for training green, intermediate & advanced horses using the CowTrac mechanical cow (flag)… totally free!

Cutting Horses for Sale Cutting Horses and Cow Horses for Sale
Iconoclast Support Boots New, absolutely the best and a must for competition cutting horses.

Need a mechanical cow? Here’s the best…

CowTrac Mechanical Cow

Success Story 1

Dear Larry,

I ordered “Starting Your Horse on Cattle” first and was so impressed I ordered the “Cutting Horse Training using the Mechanical Cow” video, joined the Inner Circle program and I’m still impressed. You are answering so many questions. I can’t get enough! You are a great teacher and also a great horseman.

Thanks! – J D Henley, Stratford, TX

Success Story 2

Dear Larry,

My husband and I are so pleased with your cutting video! It is the best we have seen on the market yet. We love all the detailed information you give and yet keep in calm control of the horse and cow as you are teaching. A mark of a true professional. We have already ordered more videos from your site and plan to order more in the future. Thanks for making “real” professional training information available.

Sincerely, – Jon and Pam Hunnicutt