How to Start Your Horse on Cattle

How to Start Your Horse on Cattle

The blueprint for getting your horse
started on cattle the right way

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Larry working Loretta La Rue as a 2 year old

One of the best things you can do with your horse is work cattle on him. However, it’s important that he’s started the right way. This video will show you effective training techniques that will have your horse working willingly, with confidence.

Master these simple techniques and your horse will have the kind of start that’s necessary to make a good cow horse. I should point out that this video was made with cutting horses in mind. However, the training techniques detailed in this DVD work extremely well for starting working cow horses, ranch sorting and team penning horses also.

I Think You’ll Love This Video. Here’s Why…

This new 1½ hour video is extremely detailed. You’ll see exactly how to start your horse on cattle. You’ll learn what to do with your hands, legs and seat to achieve outstanding results. Best of all, the training techniques are demonstrated on horses that actually need the training. You’ll see horses making mistakes and what to do to correct those mistakes.

Get Your Horse Off to a Good Start.

You can’t force a horse to become a good cow horse. He has to want to do it. If you want your horse to like his job and show a lot of expression on a cow, you need to build his desire and confidence. This video will show you exactly how to do that.

Here’s What You’ll Learn…

  • What your horse needs to know before he’s started on cattle.
  • How to get your horse to watch and focus on a cow.
  • Training techniques that will build your horse’s desire to work cattle.
  • How to motivate your horse to want to go with the cow.
  • How to handle the reins to encourage working with a low head position.
  • The single most important trait that all good cow horses have in common.
  • How to teach your horse to “want” to stop with the cow.
  • How to build your horse’s confidence and ability for working cattle.
  • How to teach your horse to stay in a good working position on a cow.

Overall, I think you’ll find this DVD contains the absolute best information available on starting horses on cattle.

Running time: Approx. 1 hour 30 minute DVD

Price: $49
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  1. madelyn Ginn says

    Dear Mr. Larry Trocha i have a comming 3 yr old colt that I am traning my self and want to get him going the right way he is a peptoboonsmal grandson and is bred for cutting and i would like to make him a cutter one day which video or DVD do you recomend for me and his traning thanks so much

    • LarryTrocha says

      The video on this page will get you started.

      So will “Introduction to Cow Work”.

      “Cutting Horse Know How” is a must.

      Larry T

  2. Terisa Miller says

    Larry, I have a three year old filly who has Smart Little Lena on her papers top and bottom, along with Royal Blue Boon. In other words, she is bred to cut. My problem is she is absolutely petrified of cattle. Was told by a local cutting trainer to just put her in a pen and turn the cattle in with her. So we did and she paced and ran around the pen cutting her face on the panels…shaking and sweating bullets for 3 hours. How is the best way to get her over this? Or is this something that is not that uncommon. There has GOT to be a better way. Any help would be greatly appreciated… I’m at my wits end here! Especially since Im going to try to do Working Cow Horse events with her.

    Thank you

  3. GavinB says

    Hey Larry Trocha, I want to show in ranch sorting. I have a two 15yr olds that are all around ranch horse. They have both been professionaly trained and are very mild. Both are good movers.I was wondering if I could use the horses for ranch sorting or not. Like what would you look for? Thanks… – Gavin-

  4. Ron Burns says

    Mr. Trocha,

    I am a 62 year old retired high school principal who has started a cattle ranch 5 years ago. I like the cattle business (even though the price of feeding them is outrageous right now) but I especually love my horses. I have been interested some time in the sport of cutting. I have done some when I have worked my cows. I think it would be more fun “than a barrell of monkeys.” I have been reading articles on your web site and watching the videos online. I would like to start a self- and horse-traing program with your videos. But before I do, I have a concern about the horse I have. She is a quarter horse with cutting horse lineage on both the sire and dam side. She is 7 years old. My neighbor (who has been a cutter in the past) says she is too old to start training and that I should find a 2 year old and start from there. Is he correct? I am somewhat tapped out from the cattle business and don’t have the funds to invest in another horse. I already have 6 of them. I would appreciate your input.

  5. Alex M says

    I am wanting to teach my horse to cut cattle. I want to compete for fun on the weekend with friends. Would this video be a good place to start. BTW my horse nor I have ever worked with cattle. Just looking for someone to get me started in the right direction.
    Thanks for everything.

  6. Caryn says

    Is your “Intro to Cutting” a good video for a horse that might be better as a reined cowhorse? One of your newsletters discussed the differences in stopping styles between reiners and cutters and I do not want to confuse or mess up my horse while I am trying to figure out what he’s good at.

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