Special Horse Training Aids

"FREE DVD Reveals The Most Effective Way To Quickly Improve Your Horse's Training And Performance"

Special Horse Training Aids – German Martingale,
HeadSetter and Easy Stop

Their Proper Use and Adjustment

Answer these questions to decide if this DVD is right for you…

Do you want your horse to learn to give to your hands and flex at the poll?
Do you want to train your horse to move collected?
Is it important to you that your horse works with a low head?
Would you like your horse to have a better stop?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then this DVD will definitely help.

Here’s what it’s about:

Have you ever noticed that the best performance horses are usually the ones that are collected and work with good head position.

These horses walk, trot and lope with a fairly level top-line. When the rider handles the reins, these horses lightly give to the rider’s hands and flex at the poll.

For good performance, this is the way it has to be. Every top trainer does everything in his power to get his horses to work this way.

What many amateur horsemen don’t realize, is that the top professionals use special training aids to help their horses learn.

Three of the most useful training aids (or tools) is the German martingale, the Headsetter and the Easy Stop.

Why do the top trainers use these special tools?

Because they give the horse a clearer understanding of how the rider wants them to perform.

When the horse has a clear understanding of what is wanted of him, the time it takes to get him trained is greatly reduced. Plus, it makes the training a lot easier for the horse.

In this DVD, I cover the three “best” training aids.
You’ll learn how to adjust & fit them to your horse.

Plus, I demonstrate some great training methods
that get outstanding results.

Here is what you’ll learn…

  • How to use the German martingale, Headsetter, and Easy Stop to greatly improve your horse’s training.
  • How to teach your horse to give to your hands and flex at the poll.
  • How to teach your horse to lower his poll and travel with a level top-line.
  • What collection is and how to achieve it using a snaffle bit.
  • Tips on using your hands and fingers when working the reins.
  • How to improve your horse’s back-up.
  • Collection and control when using a curb bit.
  • How to position your horse’s head using only one hand on the reins.
  • Tips for teaching your horse to neck-rein correctly.
  • How to teach your horse to lower his poll with the curb bit.
  • How to improve your horse’s stop.
  • How to handle the reins for a reining horse type of stop.
  • How to handle the reins when working a cutting horse.

You’ll learn all this and more.

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  1. Richelle DeCock says

    I have a 13 yr old graddaughter has just purchased her first yearling colt. She showed the colt in 4-h this fall. Our question is how old does he have to be to start training him. Any suggestions. We have always purchased trained horses meaning broke ranch geldings. Everyone has a different Idea, from don’t touch him till he is two and very minimal to get started now. help

  2. Kristi says

    I was wondering if you could give me some advice on how to help a 9 mo. old filly adjust to her mother leaving soon. There is another older mare staying with the filly, so I’m hoping that will help. Are there any precautions I need to take to avoid catasrophe when the mother leaves? And also, how do I introduce the filly to another mare and a gelding that will be sharing the pasture with her after the mother is gone?

  3. Dean Rogues says

    Thanks Larry
    Great info on the German martingale,
    good to mention that a person still
    needs good hands when using this

  4. Bethney Jordan says

    hi larry
    i am wondering how to train my horses how to walk on a leed rope and how much it would
    cost to do shoeinfg thank you so much bethney jordan

  5. Deborah Bowersox says

    I truly appreciate these e-mail news letters. It is awesome for keeping me in touch with people who work with horses. You keep me from getting discouraged and encourage me to keep at it. I learn so much that I get to use on my horse projects. “including keeping the really old ones mentally sharp”. My oldest is Mariner Ben who will be celebrating his 31st birthday soon.
    thanks again

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