German Martingale

This German Martingale is the Ultimate Horse Training Tool

Easily teach your horse to give to your hands,
get supple and flex at the poll.

Watch the the VIDEO to see how to use it.

Helps your horse learn…Vertical & Lateral Flexion,
Suppleness and Collection

German Martingale photo, click here

If there was only one piece of special training equipment I could have, this would be my choice. Throw your “running martingale” away and try this “German martingale” with your snaffle bit. If you’ve never used one before, you’ll be amazed how much it helps your horse’s training.

The German martingale is designed to teach your horse to give to the bitflex at the poll and maintain good vertical and lateral head position. This equipment is ideal for helping a horse to learn proper head position for stops, spins and collection.

Just about every top performance horse trainer swears by this piece of equipment. This martingale is the absolute the best quality and will give you years of service. It’s designed to be fully adjustable to fit any western horse at any level of training.

Watch the German martingale video to see how to use it.

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Training Tip

First, “check-up” your horse for 15 to 20 minutes with a snaffle bit. Then, go ahead and start riding him with the German Martingale. Be prepared for really great results. Most horses will learn to give to the bit and flex at the poll beautifully in just a ride or two.

With the German martingale, you’ll have a much better feel of the horse’s mouth. It’s really easy to teach him to flex at the poll with little danger of over flexing. Results are much better and the horse learns quicker than just about any other method.

How to Adjust the German Martingale

This martingale helps place a horse’s head just where you want it. The white ropes of the martingale pass through the rings of the snaffle bit (from the inside to out) and snaps into one of 3 dee-rings on the reins. Use this adjustment to position the horse’s head for the proper amount of flex (approximately vertical).

Use the first ring to set the horse’s head above the vertical position, shown in the photo below. Use the second ring to position the horse’s head at the vertical. And use the third ring for really stiff horses to over-flex the head beyond the vertical.

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Price $89.00
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