Easy Stop for Horses

This “Easy Stop” Produces Great Results Without Getting into the Horse’s Mouth

Easily improves your horse’s stop

Watch the VIDEO to see how to use it.

Easy Stop photo

Using this “Easy Stop” is a great way to teach your horse to really stop, without getting into his mouth.

If you are training reining, cutting or working cow horses, the Easy Stop can greatly improve your horse’s performance.

When used correctly, this piece of training equipment will produce good results in a very short period of time.

Many horses will improve significantly within just a few rides.

Here’s why this hand-made Easy Stop is the best available…

  1. The “spoon” is oblong instead of round, which allows it to place pressure in the correct areas.
  2. The “angle” of the shanks, in relation to the spoon, gives the correct amount of leverage, feel and release.
  3. The “fiador” is attached to the “back” of the spoon so it doesn’t interfere with the way the spoon works.
  4. The headstall is made of top quality harness leather that should last at least 20 years. All you need to do is clean and oil it about once a year.

Note: Many top trainers use our “Headsetter” in combination with the easy stop (see photo).

This Easy Stop includes the headstall & fiador

Watch the Easy Stop video to see how to use it.

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Training Tip

With the Easy Stop on your horse, say “whoa” and apply light pressure with the reins as a cue to stop. The instant the horse stops, release all pressure as his reward for responding. If you say “whoa” and the horse does not respond or doesn’t respond well enough, correct him with several “bumps” with the Easy Stop. Example: Whoa… bump, bump, bump, release.

Some of the top trainers on the west coast, will use an “Easy Stop” underneath a snaffle bit. Ask lightly for the stop with the snaffle. If the horse doesn’t respond with a good stop, give a couple of light bumps with the “Easy Stop” to correct him. Repeat this several times until the horse gets the idea. There are instructions on how to use an easy stop in my video, “Teach Your Horse to Stop Light and Collected“.

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  1. Perry P says

    I have a question about an easy stop. I have a 3 yr old cutting horse reject that I am going to try to make a heel horse out of. He is very well bred and has really nice conformation, but he is too laid back and lazy. He is very cowy and has a good attitude, never mad and very smart.
    But, When he lopes he gets strung out a little bit and when you go to stop him he isn’t collected enough , not enough energy , and will stop on his front end and lower his head and root his nose out. I feel like he is just not collected enough, I can amp him up and its a lot better, but he would rather go slow.
    I really like this horse and he is great to be around and I want him to work out, but I don’t want to put in a couple of years of work only to get a mediocre stopper.
    In your professional opinion, would a easy stop be a alternative to try on this type of horse or would I just be better off finding another prospect?

  2. Hailey says

    Hi. I’m training my 12 year old haflinger for reining. She’s never been good at the stop and won’t put her back into the skid stop. Do you think that this will help her? I’ve jumped her , driven her and we trailride but she’s never seemed to be ok with backing up and or stopping. Any tips?

    • LarryTrocha says

      Hi Hailey,
      The Easy Stop is a good training aid but its no substitute for a rider’s lack of knowledge.
      The fact that you can’t back your horse up or do a simple stop, tells me you need to improve your riding skills BEFORE you use an Easy Stop.

      I suggest you get my DVD, Teach Your Horse to Stop Light & Collected.

      Good luck.

  3. beth says

    Have an 8 year old appy with long back and poor hind end conformation. Basically ridden pleasure to keep from breaking down. Had xrays done in June 2012 after noticing performance issues. Hocks fusing. Injected with depomedrol and sent home to try and get through fusing process. Chiropractic work done with recommendations of cavaletti work and lots of backing to help strengthen back and hind. Doc feels because of pain issues horse has compensated by using wrong muscles.
    Have been working on both but having real problems getting horse to back round and with any energy at all. Lots of resistance throughout whole body. Should I even expect a horse with fusing hocks or conformation problems to Back with any energy right away or until pain eases up.

    • LarryTrocha says

      Hi Beth,
      Personally, I believe you are wasting your time.

      The hock injections will take the pain away… even with fusing.

      But nothing is going to fix bad conformation.

      Larry T

      • beth says

        Totally agree Larry which is why ive never really pushed the horse to be anything other than a little pleasure horse even though he is a well bred working cow horse. This in hopes of extending his career as much as possible.
        that being said the little guy is healthy and in good overall condition. Will he eventually breakdown? No doubt..yes..but he is in great condition despite his faults. My 12 year old loves him and shows him in the walk trot classes in 4h with lots of success.
        Up until this year he had a pretty good stop..always backing 2 or 3 steps to really enforce the whoa. Since the hock injections we have been less demanding. He is really resisting now. My goal with this horse obviously is to keep him as useful as possible for as long as possible.
        I have spent alot of time searching for training advice for a horse with conformation faults with little success.
        I very much appreciate that you took the time to answer my email. I spent a few hours last night really connecting to your training methods. Just don’t know how much it will help me with this horse.

  4. Tom Boyle says

    Thanks for the advise on the easy stop. I was able to correct a 12 year old horse that was ignoring me on his stops. He stopped big when he was younger. And had a great run down but he was cheating me on the stop. I used the easy stop for about a week and his butts in the ground again and hes giving me big stops again. Awesome tool.

  5. Tom Boyle says

    I train reiners. As you know the stop is one of the biggest things. The trainer I studied under never used an easy stop he said it was a temp fix ans hard on the horse. Being I no nothing about them I think any tool used by a rider with bad hands is going to mess up a horse, Being said, is this a tool that you use on every colt you train to stop of just a hard to stop horse that tends to want to stop on its front end.? If this is a good soft everyday tool that helps the horse. I am interested in anything that will get gentle results and not a crutch to good horsemanship. I collect a horse and use steep hills you get a colt experienced with setting back on its hocks and using its hind end.This transfers well later to a stop but it takes a while. If this speeds up the process with out hurting the horse.

    • LarryTrocha says

      @Tom Boyle: Hi Tom, The Easy Stop is NOT for teaching. It’s primary function is for “reinforcing” or “amplifying” what the horse already knows.

      On a horse that knows he’s supposed to stop on the word “whoa” but instead ignores the cue or doesn’t try very hard, the Easy Stop works great.

      I wouldn’t recommend it be used by a novice rider or used on a green horse.

      Larry T.

  6. Kathy says

    Hi Larry,

    I have a reiner who just turned 11, I’ve had him a couple years but the girl who had him before me trashed him on barrels, blew him up and destroyed him for the most part. She used to run around slide stopping on all kinds of surfaces without skid boots or sliders. When I got him he was terribly blown up and would run off and just not fun. I’ve worked with him for a couple years now and he has turned into an amazing horse to have, he slow lopes, spins nice, lead changes without running through it. Everything seems perfect except his stop, he will definitly stop for me when asked but if I ask for a ‘big’ stop he slides then hops and slides and he never lets himself slide very far, he maybe pedals once then anchors both front legs. Im afraid this might have been caused by his last owner not using skid boots. Do you think this could help him? I always use protective wear with him!

  7. Christine says

    Hi Larry, I have a Rocky Mountian, green broke, for about 3 months and we have ridden him on a short trail ride. I have a problem getting him to stop. He also likes to throw his head. It really scares me sometimes. That is why I am writing, I am not experienced horsewomen. But I love this horse and want to try. Do you think this would be good for my horse. I want to pleasure ride only.

    • LarryTrocha says

      @Christine: Hi Christine. Your only problem is that you are an inexperienced rider and you have a green-broke horse.

      Do I think it’s a good combination?


      Either you are going to get hurt or you are going to ruin your horse.

      The fact that you are on this page looking at an Easy Stop (not appropriate for a green horse) tells me you are headed for trouble.

      Send your horse to a competent professional trainer for 4 to 6 months and take some lessons while the horse is there.

      Larry T.

  8. Braydon Specker says

    Hey Larry i have a 10 year old gelding that was trained wrong will the easy stop help him? Im getting ready to teach him to rope and do barrels.

    Any suggestions?


  9. Jessica Williams says

    Hi Larry – I have a horse that is an appendix – not really bred to stop. Would the EasyStop be a good idea for this horse? I want a good stop even though this is a barrel horse. She will stop but only after she breaks down slowly from the lope to the walk.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks and love your DVD’s!!!!

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