About Horse Trainer, Larry Trocha

About Reining & Cutting Horse Trainer, Larry Trocha

Horse training with reining & cutting horse trainer, Larry Trocha
Cutting & Reining Horse Trainer,
Larry Trocha


Hi – I’m Larry Trocha.

Over many years working with cutting, reining and working cow horses, I’ve developed a successful training program designed to teach horses to stop, spin, rollback, change leads and work cattle.

I’ve also helped many clients fix their horse’s bad behavior problems; bucking, rearing, biting, kicking & spooking.

I’m happy to share this specialized knowledge with you through my series of Horse Training DVDs, Online Horse Training Videos and my Horse Training Tips Insider.


What I believe about you.

I believe you came to this website for a specific reason.

More than likely, you’re looking for a solution to improve your horse’s performance or improve your horse training skills.

Either, you want to fix a behavior problem (bucking, rearing, kicking etc) or you’re looking to take your horse to a higher level of training (reining, cutting, cow horse etc).

No matter what your reason… I’m glad you found your way to my website.

My reason for being here.

I started my horse training business in 1980.

Competing in AQHA and NCHA competition, I’ve done well in reining, cow horse and cutting (year-end championships, aged-event championships, many time finalist, etc).

I’ve ridden some really good horses that were "born naturals" and an absolute joy to train.

And I’ve also had plenty of "problem" horses that were a son-of-a-gun to get trained.

Because of that, I’ve been able to learn and develop a wide variety of training techniques.

My goal here is to share with you some of the things I’ve learned that get good results. Not just techniques that work well for me… but training techniques that will work well for YOU!

This is what troubles me.

It’s not their fault… but people have so many misconceptions about horses and horse training.

They have misconceptions about what’s right and what’s wrong… what works and what doesn’t… what’s reality and what’s simply a fantasy.

They have misconceptions that can be dangerous for the horse owner.

Misconceptions that can make a horse’s life MISERABLE.

Misconceptions that can lead to frustration and the feeling of failure.

Even a person who is honestly trying to learn, can end up with the wrong ideas.

He’ll watch popular horse training programs on television or he’ll study a trainer’s DVD series.

Unfortunately, many horse trainers (and clinicians) don’t tell people the whole truth.

For some reason, they feel it’s necessary to present a less-than-accurate version of what a successful training program actually is.

Most are so afraid of offending somebody, they carefully choose touchy-feely, politically-correct language so as not to step on anybody’s toes.

Their training demonstrations are done using horses that never make a mistake. They seldom show how to deal with "difficult" horses that make mistakes or don’t cooperate.

As a result, the viewer comes away with a DISTORTED understanding of true horse nature and horse training.

It shouldn’t be that way!

I believe people need to know the truth… they need to see training that works in the "real world" on "real horses".

What I have to offer.

I’ve produced an entire set of DVDs and online videos that I feel do a good job of showing how to train a horse.

Videos that show how to start colts or re-train older horses.

Videos for training cutting horses, reining horses, reined cow horses and more.

Each DVD goes into great detail.

I explain exactly what you need to do… step-by-step… in PLAIN ENGLISH.

The instructions are easy to understand, direct and to the point.

I should point out, the methods demonstrated in the videos are not the only way to train a horse but they’re a very good way.

A way that has proven to work well for me and my clients, on a wide variety of horses.

By the way, in each DVD, I also cover extensive training for the RIDER.

No horse will perform well if the person on his back doesn’t use their hands, legs and seat correctly.

What it’ll do for you.

Bottom line, my training videos will help you get great results!

And if you have a decent horse, you’ll get those results really fast.

Would you like to see an example?

Watch the video clip on the Home page about stopping and backing a horse.

It’s a good example of the kind of instruction you’ll get in ALL my DVDs and online video courses.

What I want you to do.

The FIRST thing is to subscribe to my Horse Training Tips Insider (did I mention it’s free).


Because you’ll receive top-notch training information within a few minutes of signing up.

Information that is so good, you’ll wonder why I’m not charging for it. (I’m not exaggerating, just look at all the comments at the bottom of the Home page)

If you’re unsure if it’s the right thing for you to do, then answer this simple question…

Do you want to improve your horsemanship and training skills or not?

If your answer is "NOT"… that’s fine. But you may as well leave now because that’s what this entire website is about.

If your answer is "YES"… then good. Join me and let’s get started.

The SECOND thing you should do is take a look at my Horse Training DVDs and Online Horse Training Video Courses and pick out the ones that best suit your needs.

I recommend you order one of the DVD "Packages" as they offer the best value at a discounted price.

Good luck with training your horse.

Larry Trocha
Larry Trocha Training Stable
24846 N. Tully Road
Acampo, CA 95220



  1. Bob Majaury says

    Hi Larry,
    Just one question. Is it safe to ride a horse on rough trails using the German martingail?

    • LarryTrocha says

      Hi Bob,
      I’m not sure I understand your question.
      Frankly, it doesn’t matter what gear you’re using, it’s not safe riding on rough trails… period.

      • Bob says

        I guess my question wasn’t clear enough, so I will try to clarify it. My young mare needed a little better head position, so I used the German Martingale on a trail ride, and was told that it wasn’t a pieces of equipment that should be used on trails, for safety reasons. In our country all trails are rough, so you are right nothing is totally safe “period”, but I don’t want to use a piece of equipment that will add to the risk. I have your DVDs, so I thought I would ask to see if I am missing something. At 70 years of age I am still learning from where ever knowledge is available.

  2. Chris says

    Hello Mr Trocha,
    Thankyou very much for having such a wonderful site, great information and guidance. I am participating in your training methods and started acquiring your DVDs etc. All in plain speak:)
    I guess I am a bit of a odd bod to your normal clientele, I am 62 just bought a horse after 30-35years altogether out of horses. I find myself headed in the direction of Reining, unintentionally. I viewed a horse via video as I was looking for a project horse, nice type, paint, researched her bloodlines, she is what I call a yank with Aussie passport, beautiful bloodlines and liked the way she moved on the lunge, just had a gut feeling she’d had a bit of training. The owners had not tried to ride her or do anything really, as they bought her as a breeder. Apparently she had been in a paddock for 5years having 1 foal.
    Anyway I did not know of any trainers around so booked her into the closest trainer for convenience, to check her out, not game to risk trying her myself initially. In the meantime chased up her previous owners and trainer, to my surprise she had 1 year reining training, registered with NRHA. The trainer who was convenient turned out to be one of our most prominent reining trainers, go figure!, he was really impressed with this mare and said she is quite handy.
    He thinks I should rein her,
    Anyway I have a lot of catching up to do to give this mare some justice, might not get there, the old bones aren’t what they used to be. But with your training tips, videos and DVD’s will to have a crack at it.

    Thanks again for offering open and concise methods for all to gain value, times have changed indeed, I had to learn out of books and experiment.

    Have a great day. Chris

    • LarryTrocha says

      Good to hear from you, Chris.

      Thanks for purchasing my info and good luck with your new horse.

      Take care,

      Larry T

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