• How To Train Your Horse For Stops, Spins, Flying Lead Changes, Working Cattle & Much More.

    Does Your Horse Buck, Rear or Spook? Learn How To Fix Those Problems Fast!

    Horse training with reining & cutting horse trainer, Larry Trocha
    Cutting & Reining Horse Trainer,
    Larry Trocha


    Hi – I’m Larry Trocha.

    Over many years working with cutting, reining and working cow horses, I’ve developed a successful training program designed to teach horses to stop, spin, rollback, change leads and work cattle.

    I’ve also helped many clients fix their horse’s bad behavior problems; bucking, rearing, biting, kicking & spooking.

    I’m happy to share this specialized knowledge with you through my series of Horse Training DVDs, Online Horse Training Videos and my Horse Training Tips Insider.

    Training a horse to stop & back up

    Watch This Training Video… Free!

    How To Train A Horse To Stop
    And Back Up

    This video clip, shows an intermediate method for
    training a horse to stop, flex at the poll & back up.
    (Includes instruction for both horse & rider)

    Training horses that buck, rear, bite and kick

    Featured Online Training Video

    How To Fix Horses That Buck,
    Rear, Bite, Kick, Spook & More

    By Larry Trocha

    A top pro demonstrates how to fix horses
    with bad behavior problems

    Training horses that buck, rear, bite and kick

    Featured Horse Training DVDs
    Special Package Offers

    Foundation Training Package

    Performance Training Package

    Mega Training Package

    The secret to riding & training a horse

    The Most Important Secret To
    Horse Training & Riding Well

    By Larry Trocha

    A pro’s advice about how to get good at riding
    & training and the fastest way to get there.
    (A “must read” for cutters & reiners)

    The right bit for a horse

    How To Choose The Right Bit
    For Your Performance Horse

    By Larry Trocha

    A pro’s advice about the bitting process
    and what bit to use when.

    Larry Trocha at the PCCHA cutting horse futurity

    The Top Five Myths About
    Competition Cutting Horses

    By Larry Trocha

    A pro’s advice about cutting horses
    and cutting horse prospects.

    Horse being taught a reining sliding stop

    Reining Horse Training for
    Longer Sliding Stops

    By Larry Trocha

    A pro’s advice about what it takes for a reining horse
    or reined cow horse to perform big-time sliding stops

    Cutting horse saddle

    Choosing The Right Saddle
    For Reining Or Cutting

    By Larry Trocha

    A pro’s advice about choosing a saddle that
    will help you ride in balance and sit the stop.
    (Applies to trail riders too)

    Horse training cheat sheets

    Horse Training Cheat Sheets
    Download Them Here!

    By Larry Trocha

    Use these Cheat Sheets to help train your reining horse, cutting horse or reined cow horse.

    Instruction includes sliding stops, reining spins, lead departures, working cattle & much more.

    Reined cow horse circling a cow

    Featured Guest Horse Trainer

    Is It Possible To Train A Horse
    For Both Reining & Cutting?

    By Art Grunig

    A pro’s advice about the difficult task of training
    a horse to do both cutting & reining

    Horse Training Success Story

    The Quarter Horse News

    17-Year-Old Kid Trained His Own Horse And WON
    The National Reining Horse Assoc Futurity,
    Limited Non-Pro Title.

    Said he watched "ONE" training video over and over.

    The kid’s name is Clayton Eggers and the training video
    he watched is…

    "Teach Your Horse to Rollback & Spin"

    Read the whole story in his Quarter Horse News interview.

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    1. Jessica says

      HI Larry,
      I love your videos and your method of training. I have a horse that is very herd bound, and she will put up a fuss when I ride alone, I was wondering what you would do with a herd bound horse?

    2. Serenity says

      Hi i have a horse who is about 7-8 years old but has the spirt of a 4 year old one.And he is been very stubborn latley since we got him a new saddle he is not trotting the way i want him to go and he does not gallop. He only gallops when he is frightened. I dont wan to scare him,but he needs exercise. Any advise?

    3. izzy says

      i have a 19 year old APHA she won’t take a bit she will throw her head and rear when u stop her what do I need to do

      • Rolande says

        Have her teeth checked. The bit is probably causing her lots of pain. She may need a floating and the wolf teeth pulled out. I had to do this to one of mine, because the pain prevented her even to chew properly. Talk to your vet.

    4. samantha says

      I have a horse that won’t take a bit now i can put a saddle on her but she will not take the bit she has not been riding in 3yrs so how can i train her again to take the bit

    5. Ramico says

      I want to train my arab to do ranch sorting and team penning.
      What would be the best resource (video) you would recommend?

    6. Rolande says

      I watched the suppleness video. I really like it. You are very thorough in your teaching. You add details left out by many trainers. I have 2 Arabian mares that I want to use as trail and pleasure horses only. One is 12 and was used as a barrel racing horse and treated very roughly. The other is 5 years old and had 3 months of English saddle training. I got her as a baby. Which ones of your videos would you recommend? I want to play and have fun with them, while being safe. I rode a lot when I was young, however it was not according to the riding ‘rules’. I just followed my instinct and it worked! Thanks for the feed back.

    7. Kathy says

      I feel I need to build a relationship with my horse, we have some jigging issues that I would like to overcome. I am sure there are some leadership issues and would like to know some methods to help us with this. Thank you.

    8. says

      My Goals: I have three good quality AQHA mares that I want to show at the local AQHA shows in halter, western pleasure and ultimately (hopefully) in reining classes. It has been about 25 years since I last exhibited and the times have changed! I need to get up to speed, physically fit and be able to put finish on my horses.

    9. lynda says

      i love your training methods. i bought your complete package of videos about 4 years ago. now all i need is the on-line.

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