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Horse training with reining & cutting horse trainer, Larry Trocha
Cutting & Reining Horse Trainer,
Larry Trocha


Hi – I’m Larry Trocha.

Training cutting, reining and working cow horses is my specialty.

Thousands of horse owners have taught their horses to stop, spin, rollback, change leads, work cattle and fixed bad behavior problems, using the training methods demonstrated in my videos.

If you need help with learning reining, working cattle, starting colts or fixing bad behavior problems like bucking, rearing, biting, kicking and spooking, you’ll find help here.

Check out my series of Horse Training DVDs, Online Horse Training Videos as well as my FREE Horse Training Videos.

Training horses that buck, rear, bite and kick

Featured Online Training Video

How To Fix Horses That Buck,
Rear, Bite, Kick, Spook & More

By Larry Trocha

Discover why natural horsemanship isn’t enough!

How to start and train horses for reining, cutting and much more.

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Foundation Training Package

Performance Training Package

Mega Training Package

How to train your horse to lope slow with complete control

Featured Online Training Video

How To Teach Your Horse To
Lope Slow On A Loose Rein
With Complete Control

Ride with confidence… knowing you can easily control,
slow down or stop your horse at any time, in any situation

The right bit for a horse

How To Choose The Right Bit
For Your Performance Horse

By Larry Trocha

Use this proven bitting process to help your horse.
Discover what bits to use & when to use them.

Larry Trocha at the PCCHA cutting horse futurity

The Top Five Myths About
Competition Cutting Horses

By Larry Trocha

Find out the factual truth about cutting horses
and cutting horse prospects.

Horse being taught a reining sliding stop

Reining Horse Training for
Longer Sliding Stops

By Larry Trocha

Learn what it takes for a reining horse or reined cow
horse to perform big-time sliding stops

Cutting horse saddle

Choosing The Right Saddle
For Reining Or Cutting

By Larry Trocha

A pro’s advice about choosing a saddle that will help
you ride in balance and sit the stop.
(Applies to trail riders too)

Leg problems in performance horses

How To Prevent Leg Problems
In Performance Horses

By Larry Trocha

Reining, cutting, barrel racing, roping and extreme trail
riding puts a lot of strain on your horse’s legs.
This information could help keep your horse sound.

Horse Training Success Story

The Quarter Horse News

17-Year-Old Kid Trained His Own Horse And WON
The National Reining Horse Assoc Futurity,
Limited Non-Pro Title.

Said he watched "ONE" training video over and over.

The kid’s name is Clayton Eggers and the training video
he watched is…

"Teach Your Horse to Rollback & Spin"

Read the whole story in his Quarter Horse News interview.



  1. Leslie Fiedler says

    I am into reining horses so didn’t spend a lot of time on your cutting series,but I do appreciate your efforts on all your dvd’s. I find your instruction and candid comments on the horse industry to be spot on. Keep up the good work as I will be watching. Thanks again Les

    • LarryTrocha says

      Hi Juan,
      Good to hear from you.
      You can order the dvds through the shopping cart with your credit card.

      However… Shipping to MEXICO, SOUTH AMERICA and AFRICA is risky. We assume NO RESPONSIBILITY for lost packages shipped to those countries.

  2. Cody says

    I have your entire series and love it! I have made drastic changes with my horsemanship. I am looking for the dvd where u talk about conformation. I remember seeing, but can’t remember which dvd its on. I am going to a horse sale and would like to watch it again. Thanks

    • LarryTrocha says

      Thanks for your support… and the kind words.
      Much appreciated.

      To tell you the truth, I can’t remember which dvd it’s on either.
      I think my mind may be going. =o)

      The main thing about conformation is get a horse with a big, kind eye, wide between the eyes and ears… long neck and hip… hocks and knees close to the ground with short cannon bones… lots of inside gaskin muscle… and most important of all, make sure he’s DEEP THROUGH THE FLANK.

      You may want to watch this video too:

      Good luck,

      • Cody says

        Thanks, while i was at the horse sale I had no trouble with the 3 and 4s. Would u look at yearlings the same way? Or can u compensate some things due to growth? Can a guy be less particular with a yearling. Just more of a gamble right? When does a horse reach mature height and fill out completely? I am sure it depends on the horse, but in general? Thank you so much. You are one of the few that really takes the time! I can only imagine how busy u are on a day to day basis! I really appreciate it

        • LarryTrocha says

          Hi Cody,
          Buying yearlings offers the best chance of making money… if you are training them for the futurities. (of course, I’m assuming your feed costs aren’t too high).

          However, I seldom purchase a yearling because they can change so much. Plus, my feed costs are too high to justify the purchase.

          And yes, it’s more of a gamble.

          When a horse is 5 or 6 they are usually done growing and developing.

          I’ll tell you a sure-fire way to do well in the horse business. Only deal in extremely good looking, well-trained geldings which are gentle enough for a novice to ride.

          Those are the kind of horses the vast majority of people are looking to buy.

  3. says

    I bought your neck reining video and the spin video a couple of years ago. They have made all the difference to how well I am doing with my horses. I’m a strictly recreational senior but feel like a young pro because of what I’ve accomplished after wearing out your DVDs.
    I also like your straightforward attitude.
    I am ordering your free spin and rollback set but think I have already got more than my money’s worth from my purchases.
    Tyler … on your email list

  4. John Cooper says

    Hi Larry,

    I sure do enjoy your tapes. Thanks a lot.

    First let me say there’s nothing wrong with my horse. It’s me, the rider, that has the problem!

    My mare is starting to pick up the wrong lead when I put my leg on her. I believe I’ve got her thinking I want her to spin. Putting my right leg on (behind the girth) is causing her to lead with her right leg. Could we have over drilled the cross over?

    How would you suggest I correct this issue?

    Thanks again.


    • LarryTrocha says

      Hi John,
      The lead is dictated by the hindquarters.

      If you want your horse to pick up the left lead… move the hindquarters to the left, move the front end a little to the right and then ask for the lope.

      I go over this in a lot of detail in my Flying Lead Change DVD.

  5. Kayla says

    My reining horse has a great cross over when he spins but he dosent know how to keep his pivoting leg solid. He will keep it still for about 3 steps then he will move his leg over about a foot to the side instead of keeping still. I would love for some tips! Thank you


    • LarryTrocha says

      Hi Kayla,
      Go to the “Free Training” page located in the menu above.
      Your problem is easily fixed.

  6. Jeannie James says

    I have a 5 year old mare that Kicks at other horses in the show ring. How do I get her to stop kicking at horses that come up behind her? Any info would be appreciated.

  7. Linda Andrews says

    I have just watched your video of “Dangerous Demonstration” and just wanted to comment on how great it is to hear someone talk some common sense and to attempt to teach people that a misbehaving horse has not always been abused or is in pain, some just have a bad work ethic or have learned that bucking/ rearing gets them out of work.

    Having just retired from a long career working with horses, a lot of them for rehabilitating, I will not be purchasing your videos – if I was still working I certainly would!

    Thanks again


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