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How To Train Your Horse To Ride, Slide,
Work Cattle, Fix Behavior Problems
And A Whole Lot More!

Horse training with reining & cutting horse trainer, Larry Trocha
Cutting & Reining Horse Trainer,
Larry Trocha


Hi – I’m Larry Trocha.

Training cutting, reining and working cow horses is my specialty. My training methods are designed to teach horses to stop, spin, rollback, change leads, work cattle and fix behavior problems. Problems like… bucking, rearing, biting, kicking and spooking.

I’m happy to share this specialized knowledge through my series of Horse Training DVDs, Online Horse Training Videos and my Horse Training Tips Insider.

Training a horse to stop & back up

Watch This Training Video… Free!

How To Train A Horse To Stop
And Back Up

This video clip, shows an intermediate method for
training a horse to stop, flex at the poll & back up.
(Includes instruction for both horse & rider)

Training horses that buck, rear, bite and kick

Featured Online Training Video

How To Fix Horses That Buck,
Rear, Bite, Kick, Spook & More

By Larry Trocha

A top pro demonstrates how to fix horses
with bad behavior problems

How to start and train horses for reining, cutting and much more.

Featured Horse Training DVDs
Special Package Offers

Foundation Training Package

Performance Training Package

Mega Training Package

The secret to riding & training a horse

The Most Important Secret To
Horse Training & Riding Well

By Larry Trocha

A pro’s advice about how to get good at riding
& training and the fastest way to get there.
(A “must read” for cutters & reiners)

The right bit for a horse

How To Choose The Right Bit
For Your Performance Horse

By Larry Trocha

A pro’s advice about the bitting process
and what bit to use when.

Larry Trocha at the PCCHA cutting horse futurity

The Top Five Myths About
Competition Cutting Horses

By Larry Trocha

A pro’s advice about cutting horses
and cutting horse prospects.

Horse being taught a reining sliding stop

Reining Horse Training for
Longer Sliding Stops

By Larry Trocha

A pro’s advice about what it takes for a reining horse
or reined cow horse to perform big-time sliding stops

Cutting horse saddle

Choosing The Right Saddle
For Reining Or Cutting

By Larry Trocha

A pro’s advice about choosing a saddle that will help
you ride in balance and sit the stop.
(Applies to trail riders too)

Leg problems in performance horses

How To Prevent Leg Problems
In Performance Horses

By Larry Trocha

Reining, cutting, barrel racing, roping and extreme trail
riding puts a lot of strain on your horse’s legs.
This information could help keep your horse sound.

Horse Training Success Story

The Quarter Horse News

17-Year-Old Kid Trained His Own Horse And WON
The National Reining Horse Assoc Futurity,
Limited Non-Pro Title.

Said he watched "ONE" training video over and over.

The kid’s name is Clayton Eggers and the training video
he watched is…

"Teach Your Horse to Rollback & Spin"

Read the whole story in his Quarter Horse News interview.



  1. Larry Little Sr. says

    Thanks for the opportunity to be included in your Horse Trainer Insider Tips. I look forward to learning from you. Thus far, I have found your tips to be sound, applicable and well thought out. I tip my hat to you Sir!

    Larry Little Sr.

  2. robyn says

    Hi Larry, Thankyou for the cheatsheets. The stopping and the rollback and spin cheat sheet are especially helpful to me. Thanks.

  3. Sandra Gehring says

    Hi Larry,
    I have been riding most of my life and done lots of trail riding and barrel racing. I was out of horses for a bit and just got a couple 5 yr old quarter horses that had been started at 2, worked for maybe 60- days, then put back out to pasture. I watched a few of your videos to freshen up my mind on what I need to do (or NOT do) with a beginner and I found your videos easy to follow and very helpful, thank you! I like how clear and easy your instruction is, and how you show how to do it as you talk through it. I have made subtle changes with our new horses after reading and watching your instruction and they have responded very well. I have bookmarked your page for my beginner husband and for pointers for myself, thanks again! I appreciate you sharing your experience and knowledge!
    Sandra :)

  4. Jo A Anthony says

    I sold my 16 yo walker to someone who needed husband horse and decided to buy a MFT. They are a little more sure footed plus he is 9. He grew up in a pasture and hasn’t been ridden for over 3 years. This is all fine with me. What I wasn’t expecting was a horse that spooks endlessly and looks for things to spook at. I have been round penning him and his spooks where small. But he had a big one which i fell off of and then he trampled me and broke a rib. So I am pretty much over this spooking thing. He even spooks while round penning. I am 62 and with a broken rib and injured scapula, its almost impossible to round pen him. I rode him the other day, and well any respect that was built up is wearing off. He’s really disrespectful too. Am working on manners while on a lead, this is crucial, because sometimes I have to use a cane,

    ok here’s the deal. If i park my car 12 inches from where he last saw it and won’t go near the car, medium spook. If i brush one side of his head and then walk around him (while touching him the whole time) he spooks a little when he sees me (he does this with my husband too). He’s terrified of the barn swallows in his stall area and have to lead him in with a leadline and halter so he can eat, drink and be terrified. I told my husband we are not doing that anymore. Let Thirst take his fat butt. He also spooks when he hears something and it takes forever to get his mind off of it, cuz he keeps trying to see what made the noise.

    Hopefully in the very near future I will be able to take the course you offer. Cuz I am wits end.

    • Janis says

      Hi Jo A
      Have you ever heard of Bach Flower Remedies? Often a horse that is moved to new surroundings can become quite unsure and spooky. These flower remedies can really help take the edge off the matter to help get you on a better track. You can take them yourself as well! if they don’t help there is probably a training deficite somewhere (horse or you), if they do help you’ll save a lot of time and energy. I don’t know how available they are where you are ( I’m im Switzerland), but try this out.
      Lots of luck.

  5. Pam_A says

    For the last 11 years up until now, I’ve had many family medical issues to deal with (and am still dealing with them), however, I love reading these tips and watching the videos and have learned a lot for when I’m able to get back “into” my horses.

  6. Terri says

    Hi Larry, am enjoying the tips and newsletters very much. I have learnt a lot from them, and especially some of the little “steps” that I was not aware of and have made the biggest difference to our riding and enjoyment,

    • LarryTrocha says

      Hi Terri,
      Glad you like the training tips.
      Yes, its always the little things that make a big difference.

  7. Michelle Valentine says

    Hi Larry, just want to let you know that I have bought your videos several years ago on colt starting. I love your training techniques, just recently watched on youtube a video of yours on desensitizing your spooky horse… you talked about one rain stop and bumping if they don’t give and to get her mind off of the thing that is spooking them on their attention back on you… So last night had our second drill tream practice and my mares second time EVER to be worked in an arena with 20 other horses. Made her very nervous and was difficult to keep her attention on me, tho i did not ride her the first drill team lesson a friend of mine did and i wasn’t impressed with the way she handled her, so this next lesson which was last night, I rode her i did what you said to do in the video and it worked…. I had so many compliments how well she did this time from last weeks practice, I have to admit Larry for the first time in many years i was able to lead my horse and not my horse lead me…. I have had a lot of personal issues come about in my life with loosing my Mom and my Aunt to cancer that It affected my life tremendously to i let my mare sit for two years and even tried to sell here. I thought life was over because i couldn’t get past losing my Mother. She even named my mare the day i brought her home 6.5 years ago after her mother, Rosie :) When Rosie would start to act up or i could feel i was losing her attention i would turn her in and move her feet back and forth bumping her head in if needed be.. My mare is in foal for next year my dream has always been to compete in reining and cutting, I hope that this new foal 2015 when he/she turns 2 i can send him away to be professionally trained for cutter or sorting so i can make my dream come true :) Thank you

  8. Janice Turner says

    Good easy to understand horsemanship. Basics which we all need to practice every time we get on our horses – we’re the ones who more than often need reminding as we get lazy especially if we’re on a good horse. Thanks for the motivation.

  9. Kathy Swanson says

    Wondering what state u live in? I’m in Mn. looking for a sorting horse that would be good with cows, team penning, yet will trail ride also. Trying to find a horse close to home so we could come try him/her out. Ty for your time. Kathy

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