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Horse training with reining & cutting horse trainer, Larry Trocha
Cutting & Reining Horse Trainer,
Larry Trocha


Hi, I’m Larry Trocha… Training cutting, reining and working cow horses is my specialty.

Thousands of horse owners have taught their horses to stop, spin, rollback, change leads, work cattle and fixed bad behavior problems, using the training methods demonstrated in my videos. If you need help with learning reining, working cattle, starting colts or fixing bad behavior problems like bucking, rearing, biting, kicking and spooking, you’ll find help here.

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horse training for the rollback & spin
Training horses that buck, rear, bite and kick

Featured Online Training Video

How To Fix Horses That Buck, Rear, Bite, Kick, Spook & More

Exclusive, little-known training methods specifically for changing your horse’s behavior from bad to good!

How to start and train horses for reining, cutting and much more.

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How to train your horse to lope slow with complete control

Featured Online Training Video

How To Teach Your Horse To Lope Slow On A Loose Rein With Complete Control

Ride with confidence… and complete control… knowing you can easily slow down, stop or turn your horse at any time, in any situation. The ultimate training for any horse!

The right bit for a horse

How To Choose The Right Bit For Your Performance Horse

By Larry Trocha

Use this proven bitting process to help your horse. Discover what bits to use & when to use them.

Larry Trocha at the PCCHA cutting horse futurity

The Top Five Myths About Competition Cutting Horses

By Larry Trocha

Find out the factual truth about cutting horses and cutting horse prospects.

Horse being taught a reining sliding stop

Reining Horse Training for Longer Sliding Stops

By Larry Trocha

Learn what it takes for a reining horse or reined cow horse to perform big-time sliding stops

Cutting horse saddle

Choosing The Right Saddle For Reining Or Cutting (Applies to trail riders too)

By Larry Trocha

A pro’s advice about choosing a saddle that will help you ride in balance and sit the stop.

Leg problems in performance horses

How To Prevent Leg Problems In Performance Horses

By Larry Trocha

Reining, cutting, barrel racing, roping and extreme trail riding puts a lot of strain on your horse’s legs. This information could help keep your horse sound.

Horse Training Success Story

The Quarter Horse News

17-Year-Old Kid Trained His Own Horse And WON
The National Reining Horse Assoc Futurity, Limited Non-Pro Title.

Said he watched "ONE" training video over and over.

The kid’s name is Clayton Eggers and the training video he watched is…

"Teach Your Horse to Rollback & Spin"

Read the whole story in his Quarter Horse News interview.