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Horse training with reining & cutting horse trainer, Larry Trocha
Cutting & Reining Horse Trainer,
Larry Trocha


Hi – I’m Larry Trocha.

Training cutting, reining and working cow horses is my specialty.

My training videos have helped thousands of horse owners teach their horses to stop, spin, rollback, change leads, work cattle and fix bad behavior problems.

If you need help with learning reining, working cattle, starting colts or fixing bad behavior problems like bucking, rearing, biting, kicking and spooking, you’ll find help here.

Check out my series of Horse Training DVDs, Online Horse Training Videos as well as my FREE Horse Training Videos.

Training horses that buck, rear, bite and kick

Featured Online Training Video

How To Fix Horses That Buck,
Rear, Bite, Kick, Spook & More

By Larry Trocha

Discover how you can fix your horse’s bad behavior problems

How to start and train horses for reining, cutting and much more.

Featured Horse Training DVDs
Special Package Offers

Foundation Training Package

Performance Training Package

Mega Training Package

How to train your horse to lope slow with complete control

Featured Online Training Video

How To Teach Your Horse To
Lope Slow On A Loose Rein
With Complete Control

Ride with confidence… knowing you can easily control,
slow down or stop your horse at any time, in any situation

The secret to riding & training a horse

The Most Important Secret To
Horse Training & Riding Well

By Larry Trocha

Discover how to overcome your biggest riding & training
problems… and the fastest way to get there.
(A “must read” for performance horse riders, cutters & reiners)

The right bit for a horse

How To Choose The Right Bit
For Your Performance Horse

By Larry Trocha

Use this proven bitting process to help your horse.
Discover what bits to use & when to use them.

Larry Trocha at the PCCHA cutting horse futurity

The Top Five Myths About
Competition Cutting Horses

By Larry Trocha

Find out the factual truth about cutting horses
and cutting horse prospects.

Horse being taught a reining sliding stop

Reining Horse Training for
Longer Sliding Stops

By Larry Trocha

Learn what it takes for a reining horse or reined cow
horse to perform big-time sliding stops

Cutting horse saddle

Choosing The Right Saddle
For Reining Or Cutting

By Larry Trocha

A pro’s advice about choosing a saddle that will help
you ride in balance and sit the stop.
(Applies to trail riders too)

Leg problems in performance horses

How To Prevent Leg Problems
In Performance Horses

By Larry Trocha

Reining, cutting, barrel racing, roping and extreme trail
riding puts a lot of strain on your horse’s legs.
This information could help keep your horse sound.

Horse Training Success Story

The Quarter Horse News

17-Year-Old Kid Trained His Own Horse And WON
The National Reining Horse Assoc Futurity,
Limited Non-Pro Title.

Said he watched "ONE" training video over and over.

The kid’s name is Clayton Eggers and the training video
he watched is…

"Teach Your Horse to Rollback & Spin"

Read the whole story in his Quarter Horse News interview.



  1. john says

    Hi larry
    I have owned horses for awhile and rode my hole life. I was never showed the proper way to ride and take care of a horse but I am learning quicly. I have lots of friends and family who are pitching in and helping me. I have recently bought a new horse to start sorting team roping and eventually would like to get into tie down roping the horse was worked in a feed lot he is a 5 year old geilding and he works great when you get on him I have a few problems with him. I was hoping you could give me some advice on and was wondering if there was a way I could email you or get in touch with you if you would be interested in helping.

  2. amanda says

    Hi Larry,
    we have a little 14hh pony arab/welsh 9 y old ,my daughter pony, we hav had her 2 years now but we had a really bad experience with her, this mare is really quite loving pony we have been doing pony club jumping, flat work the pony she get a little flighty and unsure of things if she hasn’t seen it before, she can jump but she don’t big changes .. we get her jumping nicely then the nxt day we have to start from scratch again polls on ground then height .. well this day we was at pony club jumping refusing to jump my daughter was pushing her over she reared daughter came off then the pony backed up and kicked her in the head while she was getting up off the ground, broken bone and a bleed to the brain.. she is doin ok now .. I can see the horses problem she was scared thinking she was in danger and then she put her rider in danger .. I have rode her and she beautiful but she has the problem, we have never treated her wrong.. people are telling she is dangerous and needs to be put down. what do I do? I am thinking to sell her but some friends think I am doing the wrong thing.
    Cheers Amanda

    • albertacowgirl says

      Hey, I would suggest taking the pony to a horse rehabilitation center or rescue center. It sounds as if your pony has had a bad experience with jumps. Probably before you got her. You need her retrained by someone who works with traumatized ponies. A suggestion…

  3. Michele says

    Hi Larry Trocha,
    I am from Luxembourg ( Europe) and have a 5 year old Quarter Horse Gelding.
    I am happy to have found your Homepage and helpful Videos.
    I am starting with the spin and he learns well..i am taking the time it takes.
    Greetings from Luxembourg
    Michele and Mighty Cutter Bill

  4. Brianne says

    I have am eight year old, quarter horse gelding I was wondering if you had any suggestions on how to put speed on him? He is slow sometimes and when I ask him to speed up, he stops dead and won’t move and kick out when I ask him to move forward.


    Thank you

    • LarryTrocha says

      Hi Jose,
      I sent your receipt and your order information to you via email address yesterday.
      Be sure to check your spam folder.

      My assistant, Bev will email you with more info.
      Orders sent to Mexico are always at risk of not reaching their destination.

      I’m sure you are already aware of that.

      Larry T

  6. Cait Madl says

      I’m in desperate need of answers concerning my 17h 10 yr old Thoroughbred
    I’ve had for about a year now. His name is Swayze and he is a great
    grandson of Northern Dancer and Nijinksy. He has never raced or trained to
    race.  I do not know a lot of his history but I do know his previous rider
    would dismount if he got fast with her.
         For the first three or four months I owned him, I spent every ride
    trying to walk and trot without having to hold him with a death grip and do
    circles every 2 feet. I hve had him vetted and he is 100% sound. I have
    ridden him with a low headset, beautiful canters, and a soft rein, but only
    during blue moons. He needs serious help and I don’t know where to start.
         My first concern is how nervous he gets. Sweating, diarrhea, and the
    whites of his eyes showing is a serious problem. I am out of ideas on how
    to calm him. He’s not spooking at anything or even jumpy in the slightest.
    He’s simply the most frazzled horse I’ve ever met. His only job is simple
    hunter jumpers. He jumps like a pro, but before and after he’s a bat outta
    hell. I can walk him and trot him just fine. He bends well and will do
    trail riding like a seasoned quarter horse on the buckle. I have ridden him
    in a horse show in the horse pleasure division and I’m very surprised we
    didn’t get disqualified. He wasn’t worried about the people, the other
    horses, or even the trucks and trailers. He didn’t freak out until we had
    to canter. Then it was game over from there.
          I’m sure at this point you are wondering why in the hell I got him in
    the first place. He was $500 and has so much potential. When it’s good,
    it’s great! His ground manners are impeccable.  I can back him, wtc, halt,
    and turn him without a halter or touching him. He’s very sweet and wants to
    put his head on your chest, close his eyes, and have you scratch INSIDE his
    ears. (Weirdo)
         What can I do? Is he a lost cause and I’m just too close to see that?
    I’m a struggling vet tech student married to a marine living on my parents’
    farm trying to help keep them and the horses afloat.
         Well, thank you for your time and listening to me ramble. I appreciate
    it more than words can describe. I’m just not ready to give up yet and need
    your wisdom!

  7. Gordon Grit Peterson says

    I would like to see a Link I could refer you to a friend who is 13 and rides Reining horses
    Jumping horses and my Barrel Team Sorting horse, She is a better rider than most at her
    age. Please show me what I am missing. Home page ?
    Thanks for all your help.

    Grit P

    • LarryTrocha says

      Hi Gordon,
      I’m really not sure what you’re talking about.
      However, if you are trying to send a friend here, simply tell them to go to

      Take care,
      Larry T

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