Teach Your Horse to Sidepass

Teach Your Horse to Sidepass

An important maneuver that will improve any horse’s performance
and is critical for leads, lead changes & opening/closing gates

Step by step, you’ll see exactly how to teach your horse this useful maneuver.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll learn:

  • The correct way to cue your horse to get accurate lateral steps.
  • How to get precise control of your horse’s hindquarters (this is the key to perfect sidepassing).
  • How to teach your horse to move his front end with a subtle rein cue.
  • How to teach your horse to respond lightly to leg pressure.

In this video, you will see exactly how to teach your horse to sidepass.

But just as important, you will see what to do if things go wrong.

You’ll learn all this and much, much more. All the information is here to teach your horse to sidepass beautifully.

Important side note: The hindquarter and shoulder control exercises shown in this video will GREATLY improve your horse’s ability to do correct lead departures, flying lead changes, rollbacks and spins.

This video well worth viewing just for the side benefits alone.

Running time: Approx. 1 hour DVD

Price: $29
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