Reining Spin

Reining training for the spin.

Start the video, then click on the “gear” icon at the bottom of the player to change the picture quality. I recommend the highest setting, 480p.

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  1. Jamie says

    Hi Larry,

    I first found your videos on youtube and I just had to visit your website. I think everything you do is amazing and I absolutely love how you break down word for word everything that you do with your horse. I’m just now starting to train an 11 year old mare who has never been properly trained. I’m still doing ground work with her growing accustomed to her and letting her get better antiquated with me. I would like to start practicing reining with her (I have never done it) I was wondering if I could send you some pictures of her and you tell me if she has the proper build just for beginner level reining. I’m not looking to compete it’s just something I’ve always wanted to do.

    Thanks so much for your time

  2. Kate says

    I applied this video in my work with my two quarter horses yesterday and it was amazing how well they started to get the hang of it! Thank you, I will be watching and applying many more of your practices with my horses. I really appreciate it.

  3. Fred Garrett says

    I appreciate your video’s they are clear and easy to understand I am looking forward to using your tips on Mike, he is coming along good now with your, instructions have they given me more understanding on how to perform my job to teach him thank you.

  4. Lisa Cusimano says

    This video is really practical information on how a horses body moves. I will be very conscious of this when I ask for
    any turns from my horse now. I purchased your DVD on the basics about a year ago and am now going to purchase your DVD on Collection. My little 5 yr old QH mare thanks you for helping me to be a better rider.

    Thanks again Larry,

    Lisa and Sierra

  5. Kendall Davison says

    My horse has a bucking problem when not being rode with a saddle… But hes fine with the saddle… What do I do?

  6. Larry King says

    My horse is pretty good at his spins but I would like to speed him up.

    I have sped him up a good bit, but I need to get him faster so I will be more competitive.

    Could you give me some help on this.


    Larry King

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