Recommended Horse Trainers

Recommended Horse Trainers

Only videos that are the best of the best!

I’ve probably seen every reining, cutting and working cow horse video that’s ever been made. I’ve also watched most of the colt starting and natural horsemanship videos too.

I’ll tell you, the ones worth watching are few and far between. Most of them just don’t teach you much.

The following is a list of videos that are, in my opinion, some of the best around. I highly recommend them because their content and information value is way above par.

Below is the list of videos by horse trainers that I highly recommend. I feel these videos are the best of the best

Note: You’ll get far more benefit from these “Recommended Videos” if you’ve watched my videos first. To see a complete list, click here.

Videos by recommended horse trainers. Click on the video title for a complete description.

Horse Training DVDs & Online Videos


  1. Sarah says

    Hi Larry,

    Can you tell me the trainers/DVDs that are worthwhile? Your list of recommended trainers isn’t visible for some reason, and I’d like to see whom else I can learn from. I have many of your videos and can’t say thanks enough for all you’ve taught me.


  2. Tom Boyle says

    I want to thank you for putting out the best video series on the Market. My wife’s family provided me with one of your videos and I must say, It was one of the best gifts a Horsemen could have. The way you teach is a step by step, user friendly style. I just put in on my smart phone and your right there in the arena with me. It’s that easy. People spend $50.00 per lesson to go to our local pro here. But what they don’t realize is, they do not retain half of what they learn at the lesson.
    As you know, it’s harder to go back and correct something that is done wrong to begin with. And it can cost a lot of time and money. Let’s face it. A good Performance Horse is not cheep. I have had them flunk out and had $15,000 into the Horse and Training . That’s a risk you can minimize by using your teaching’s.
    Thanks to your well explained and easy to understand Video’s. I have been able to take my Horse to a place where I know if he has it or not before I spend and lose a considerable investment.
    Your step by step teaching leave no doubt on what I need to do to be an effective communicator and rider. I have spent thousands on clinic’s , lessons and horses. You program reduces the cost to train a colt and get him to a point where my cost are reduced by $5000.00 or more as I get him ready for the trainer. In these times where money has been hard to come buy for a lot of people. You have been a God send to me. I can’t wait to get going on the two colts I am starting this Fall. I know I will be able to help them get to where they need to be. Or get out of them before it cost me, an arm , a leg and a lot of disappointment.
    In closing ,thanks again Larry . I can’t wait for my next video. I am a life time customer and friend. If a person cares about they’re horses. They should by your training series. The Horse deserves it. If someone like myself , who is not not able to spend a lot of money but want to excel in Horsemanship. Your the ticket to understanding.
    Tom Boyle
    Elizabeth, Colorado

  3. Elaine says

    As always my applause! advise that is as accurate as I’ve seen. I’ve meet trainers that are not half as smart that would not help a fly unless paid, let alone all the emails.
    You even recommend your peers and provide visuals with the DVD s can’t wait to
    get another one. Many thanks for the being a mentor to so many. My gratitude!

  4. Dorene Wilbourn says

    I really enjoyed just the few minutes I’ve spent watching your video here on your website. Extremely helpful! I can;t wait to get on and try what I’ve seen. You instruction-both verbal and visual-are excellent! I look forward to coming back to htis website as I progress!
    Thank You!

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