Train Your Horse to Neck Rein

Neck Rein

Teach Your Horse to Neck Rein

How to train your horse to neck rein, turn & spin with the slightest touch… so light it’s barely visible to the eye!

Note: If you have my Rollback & Spin DVD, this Neck Rein DVD is the next step. I highly recommend it.

Want your horse to neck rein exceptionally well?

If so, this 2-hour DVD contains the instruction you’re looking for.

Produced by California cutting and reining trainer, Larry Trocha, this DVD shows how to teach your horse to respond to the neck rein “lightly” with correct “form” and “style”.

Step by step, Larry demonstrates how to take a colt that’s green in the snaffle bit and advance him until he’s a responsive horse neck reining in the curb bit.

And, the video covers a LOT more than just teaching a horse to neck rein.

Here’s what Larry Trocha says about this outstanding DVD

In this video, I start with a 2-year-old filly that is green in the snaffle. Step by step, I take her through the exercises that are necessary to get her “trained” and prepared to be a neck reining horse.

I describe the different types of snaffle bits that I use and explain why and when you should use each one.

I teach this horse to respond to my hands, give her head and get supple. I get control of the moving parts of her body. The filly learns how to move her shoulders, ribcage and hindquarters.

You’ll see exactly what to do to get great results

I show you how to use the direct rein, the indirect rein and the squaw rein to really get the horse improving.

Maybe the most important thing you’ll see in this video are the TRAINING EXERCISES I use to really get a horse using it’s body correctly. (These are the same exercises I use on all my good horses… green colts as well as champion cutting and reining horses).

Use these exercises on your horse to get him… SUPPLE, CIRCLING, STOPPING, PLANTING THE INSIDE PIVOT FOOT and bringing his front end around in a SMOOTH TURN-A-ROUND.

Discover the best transition bits to use on your horse

Next, I introduce the “transition bits”. These bits are the stepping stones used to graduate the horse from the snaffle to the curb.

I show how to adjust the bit and curb chain so it fits the horse right. Then, I demonstrate various ways of holding and using the reins.

After the horse is going well in the transition bit, I graduate him to a curb bit.

Refining and polishing the neck rein

This part of the DVD is where things really get good. This is where I refine and polish the horse’s performance.

I’ve built the horse’s foundation in the snaffle and transition bits. Now its time to put the frosting on the cake.

You’ll see how to teach your horse to rein REALLY, REALLY LIGHT. So light you barely need to move your hand to get him turning.

Guiding and turning your horse with just your legs

In this section of the video, I demonstrate how to use your legs and spurs properly.

This is one way to guide your horse without any visible cues. Get this technique down and you can literally TURN and SPIN your horse without anybody knowing how you’re doing it. Pretty cool really.

Here’s a small sample of what you’ll learn:

  • Multiple training exercises designed to get your horse using his body correctly.
  • How to teach your horse to be responsive, light and supple in the snaffle and curb bit.
  • How to choose the bit that is right for your horse’s level of training. (Very important)
  • How to teach your horse to give to your hands, drop off the bit and FLEX AT THE POLL.
  • How to establish control of your horse’s head, neck, shoulders and hindquarters.
  • Exercises for teaching your horse to use his hocks and move his front end.
  • How to use the direct-rein, indirect-rein, squaw-rein & neck-rein to get great results.
  • How to make the transition from the snaffle to the curb bit very easy for your horse.
  • How to correctly use your hands, body, legs and spurs to get good results.
  • The best transition bits to use to graduate your horse from the snaffle to the curb bit.
  • How to teach your horse to turn-on-a-dime using leg pressure alone. (Simple method)

You’ll learn this and more. All the information you need to have your horse neck reining like a dream is in this DVD. I think you’ll love it.

2-Hour DVD. Price: $49
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  1. ladarius says

    hi larry im a young boy 15 years old i have been trying all my life to get my horses to spin.Ithought to get a horse to spin is to gt him to roll back but i see thats not it.which dvd video do you hve to tech me step by step to get my horse reining and spining right

  2. Mac says

    Hello, i have a 10yo QH mare…ive had her for a few months and things in the trust and listenening to what i want department are going good and solid…she dosent neck rein and is not sensitive to leg cues…so basically do u feel your technique will wrk on an older horse like her….she gives to the bit (3 piece mouth with roller and shanks)and flexes and direct reins well and has a nice flat neck line nose is a lil forward of a good collected place but not rly bad…if that helps…possibly thinking of using the head setter too….needs wrk on backing up….

    thanks from MA

    • LarryTrocha says

      Hi Mac,
      I would be shocked if the training techniques in this DVD didn’t produce outstanding results with your mare.

      Of all my DVDs, this one is raved about most by the folks who have used it.

      I think you will really like it. Not only for your mare but any horse you own.

      Larry T

  3. buddy sparks says

    Hi Larry

    Buddy Sparks here I would like to thank you for every thing .I have bought three of
    your video s .Loved them,can’t wait to get started ,I have broke horses for 20 years
    but really never got one finished.Didn’t know how,but now I have a chance ,thanks to
    you.I love cutting , did for four years Western Okla Association,love anything to do
    with cutting .

    Thank you so much Larry

  4. Mike McKelvie says

    Hi Larry, I am still in Stop Light and Collected 1.5. The more I watch the more I get out of those 2 videos. My three year old is learning what you are teaching, and I’m impressed. I have had him in the German Martingale and it is really helping him learn the proper head positioning on a full time basis.I get him out on the BLM, to break up the arena work, every chance I get , by himself, for a fast pace trot and lope. He is more confident and easy to collect up even with all the usual distractions we encounter. Rating has been a learning experience though, for both of us, while compacting and driving him into the bit, but it too is coming together. Thankyou for your help. When he is ready to trasition to neck reining I’ll be ordering up. Take care.

  5. Erica Winnestorfer says

    Hi Larry,

    I have a foundation mare that I’ve been working with on reining and reined cowhorse. Her stops are lovely and she works nicely off of her hind end and her rollbacks are nice also, but we are having a heck of a time with our turn arounds. Is this the video that would work best for us?



    • LarryTrocha says

      Hi Erica,
      This video will definitely help you.
      If you are looking for “spin” specific instructions, I’d recommend my “Rollback & Spin” DVD.

      Larry T

  6. Don says

    I recently, last summer, went to Indiana, and was asked to ride a horse which hadn’t been ridden in a year. The horse, a 10 yr old quarter, was barn sour, kept refusing to go on a ride or do anything for the rider except head for the barn. I just kept turning his head, plow reining him, in circles, every time he wanted to head for the barn, until he learned I was the boss, and went where I wanted. I then took him on a long trail ride, through muddy trails and brush. The only problem I had, was I lost a spur, knocked off my boot. I offered to buy the horse, but the owner wouldn’t sell him. The horse did great after a couple hours of working him. Just make sure you are firm, but don’t lose the trust your horse has in you.

  7. elizabeth says

    i think your infromation is amazing it is so help ful i am trying to learn everything i can right now in training and instructing i am just starting out getting in the buissness is hard if you have any advise for me i would appriciate it thank you so much and god bless elizabeth

  8. Terri D. says

    I’ve been around horses for my whole life, but due to Family things i was not really able to become an experienced rider or anything else for that matter. I’m buying property from my mother, and want to get more involved with horses. I would love to train my own, but don’t really know how to go about doing it. Could you give me some advice?

  9. Bob Majaury says

    Hi Larry,
    I am a senior citizen at 66 years of age, and I have been absent from the world of Quarter Horses for at least 23 years. I have broke a couple of colts and made good riding horses with a pretty good rein and basic moves such as walk trot, lope and stop and back-up, but that was a very long time ago. I purchased a foal last year and recently have purchased a 6 year old broke gelding. To say I am rusty would be an under statement. The yearling is progressing well as I can do the necessary things like lead, lift the feet, loop a lead rope over the ears etc., as well as have her accept a saddle with no problem.
    The above was just an introduction, but my question relates to the 6 year old gelding. He is well broke, responds to leg and heal pressure well, but when he is in a lope and I put intermittent pressure on him to ask for a stop he resists by shaking his head and reaching out with his nose. The same horse will flex his chin in and back up with almost no pressure when asked. How can I get him to quit resisting when stopping at a lope?
    Thank you in advance.

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