Hackamore Training… New DVD!

Hackamore (Bosal) Training

Hackamore (Bosal) & Snaffle Bit Training

How to train a well-reined performance horse using a braided hackamore (bosal) & an O-ring snaffle.

How to train your horse using a braided hackamore or bosal.

2-year old filly sliding to a stop in the hackamore

Hi… I’m Larry Trocha.

Have you ever wanted to train a horse to be so light that he responded to the slightest movement of your hand?

A horse so responsive that a simple touch of the rein would cause the horse to slide to a stop or rollback or spin?

If so, this instruction may be exactly what you’re looking for.

When done the right way, a horse that’s been trained in the hackamore (bosal) will be one of the lightest, most responsive horses you’ll ever ride.

That’s because, when using a hackamore, you really can’t force a horse to perform. He must be taught.

Harsh tactics you can get away with when using a bit, just won’t work with a hackamore.

Because of this, hackamore training usually produces a horse that is more confident, supple, light and responsive.

Teaching collection, form and style with the hackamore

In this DVD, I demonstrate techniques to produce a well trained performance horse.

Special emphasis is given to teaching the horse lightness… suppleness… sliding stops… rollbacks… spins… lead departures… and good head position.

Here’s a small sample of what you’ll learn…

  • How to tell the difference between a good hackamore and a bad hackamore. (It’s very important to use only a good one)
  • What size hackamore you need and how to adjust it correctly to get good results. (There is more than one adjustment… each one critical)
  • How to tie the macate (hair rope reins) to the hackamore. (There’s more than one way but I’ll show you the most important factors)
  • How to use your hands and legs to get your horse light and responding to the hackamore.
  • How to teach your horse to flex at the poll and drop his nose off the hackamore.
  • How to teach your horse to move off rein and leg pressure.
  • The importance of correct body position when loping circles… and how to get it.
  • How to teach your horse to stop with just a light touch of the rein. (I’m not exaggerating here. I’m talking about a touch, a slack and then a slide)
  • How to teach your horse to give his head, get supple, lighten up and really respond to the hackamore.
  • The #1 mistake horses make when learning to spin. (It’s not what you might expect)

You’ll learn all this and more.

The important thing to realize about this instruction, is that it gives you an alternative training technique.

If you’ve been having problems teaching your horse to be light and responsive, maybe it’s time to change things up.

The hackamore just might be the ticket.

2-year old filly learning to spin with the hackamore

A note for serious horsemen only:
When I first came to California in the mid 1970′s, the most beautiful stops I’d ever seen in my life were performed by horses that were trained in the hackamore.

If you are dead serious about getting good at this, I strongly recommend you read the book “Hackamore Reinsman” by Ed Connell.

This 94 page book was written back in the 1940′s. It’s strictly a manual of instruction so it’s pretty tedious to read. There are no pretty photographs to look at, no humorous stories and no mention of glory in the show arena.

However, there is PROFOUND knowledge hidden in it’s pages.

If you’ll read it at least 10 times (I read it 30), you’ll gain an understanding of hackamore training few people have.

Combine what you learn in this video series along with the Hackamore Reinsman book and you’ll know how to train superior, well-reined horses.

The book is available through tack stores but I think it best to purchase it directly from Ed Connell’s daughter, Leslee.

On her website are a bunch of old photos of Ed Connell mounted on hackamore horses on the ranch back in the 1930′s. Very interesting stories about her dad and how he wrote the book too.

Here’s the link to Leslee’s website: http://hackamore-reinsman.com

WARNING: Be aware, there are lots of hackamores and macates on the market that are NOT any good. Don’t buy a hackamore until you watch the first two chapters in this DVD series. Otherwise you’re liable to buy a hackamore that isn’t suited for the job.


Snaffle bit fix… how use the snaffle bit to fix problems and enhance the the results of the hackamore.

Occasionally, it’s a good idea to ride a hackamore horse in the snaffle bit… especially if the horse has some problems.

In this bonus section, I demonstrate how and when to use the snaffle bit to get good results.

You’ll see how to use the snaffle to improve the horse’s stop, spin, lead departures, head position and more.

This section alone is a complete horse training clinic all by itself.

Hackamore (Bosal) & Snaffle Bit Training DVD – 2-Disc Set
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