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  1. Shauna Knutsen says

    hi Larry i want to say i just love watching your videos….has helped me understand lots of the critiquing of my filly’s training.
    I am hoping you or someone else can help me….My mare was bred (stallion escaped) to a QH stallion named “stormy Jungle Fever” a beautiful stout Gold palomino. My friends mom had bought him from a cow ranch in Alberta but originally he was from the states somewhere herding cows and wild horses. I have no good indicator of his background or if he has any siblings….the reason why i am asking if anyone has heard of him…dont know his blood line at all….hoping someone can! My mare registered name “I.B. Certified North”
    My filly was kind of silly and a real character growing up…..i almost dreaded having to train her….turns out she is my best horse and not a single buck at all! She definately seems to have been bred with a good working/reining brain. She loves to learn and do anything. I noticed one problem we are facing….Larry i hope you can send me in the right direction…..when she puts her head down with the cue she puts her head down instantly but has trouble keeping it down for long periods and she gets distracted so fast. Any tricks i can do to keep her focused and keep her head down?
    Last and final question…I have a yearling colt and wanted to start preparing him for reining later on. Any things you specifically train to your guys that benefits them later when riding comes. I believe in my horses being quiet and respectful of my space and try new things with a good attitude….key word….try! hahaha I found a lot of horses people give me to fix up lack a lot of effort or desire to try or they get flustered at anything as people been to rough and rushing training. Had some wonderful horses!

    I hope someone can help me with my two questions I know you are a busy guy! thanks so much for reading my comment.


  2. Bob Miller says

    Hey Larry,
    Well we have two new horses. We are inexperienced and quiet frankly a bit scared. We don’t know how to ride. We want to very badly and need to learn all there is about riding and taking care of our horses. Including respect between rider and horse. I hope you can guide us.

  3. Teressa says

    I would definitly start her just like you would a beginner, start with your ground work and go from there that way what ever she missed or if there is an area were the last trainer messed up you will be able to see that and fix it. Remember the foundation training is the most important part of a horses training everything else is built off of it. It will also build her confidence in you and in return the more she will learn from you. She then can begin to built her own self confidence at that point. Think about horses in their real elements, if they are not confident about anything they look to another horse to aquire that confidence to do what ever it is the horse fears. Remember horses are like people some mature mentally sooner than others and later than others. So be patient go to work and enjoy the results of your good training. I’m sure your horse is going to be an even better buddy who will be willing to work harder for you now then before you went back to the ground work. good luck

  4. Michelle says

    My new mare is seven but due to lack of working and being started right she has some issues, one she had the mentality of a two year old, no confidence , not mean no bor anything but since she’s so clueless I was thinking I should start her back from the ground up, bad idea?

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