Les Vogt

Les Vogt’s “Five Easy Pieces” Training Exercises

Training exercises that will improve any horse


Master these five simple warm-up exercises and you can kiss your horse’s training problems good-bye

It sounds too easy doesn’t it?

That’s the same thing I thought when I read the cover of this video. I’ve got to tell you though, after watching this DVD, I was very impressed.

Les Vogt has set up a system of exercises that will help a horse’s training immensely. Granted, I was already using some of these exercises on my horses, but Les has taken it to the next level and organized them into an efficient step by step training system. These exercises are simple, yet very effective.

Following Les’ five training exercises will get your horse really broke. If you do them consistently, your horse will automatically have the foundation training to do…

  • Lead Departures…
  • Spins…
  • Stops…
  • Lead Changes…
  • Correct Circles…
  • And Complete Body Control.

But there an added benefit to this video. This exercise system is also perfect for “diagnosing” your horse’s performance problems. If your horse is having trouble spinning, stopping, changing leads or whatever, you can put him through the five exercises and discover exactly what’s causing the problem.

Unless you live in the world of California reined cow horses, you may not know who Les Vogt is. Les is a trainer I highly respect. The guy is one hell of a hand.

Back in the 1970’s, when the “reined cow horse” was king on the west coast, Les was one of the best. A few years ago, Les also won several AQHA world reining championships. I don’t think Les trains outside horses any more. He trains his own horses and does clinics. Whatever the case, his video is excellent.

Approximate running time: 1hour 10 minutes


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