Used Saddles for Sale

Used, 16″ RooHide Cutting Saddle for Sale


Custom Roohide cutting saddle in very good condition. 16 inch seat, 8 inch swell, FFBN tree. Built it 2007. Won a trophy saddle in 2006 and traded it and cash for this custom saddle built to my specs. Very comfortable deep seat. Will fit average back to slightly wider backed horse. Not suitable for a very narrow backed horse. Double barb wire tooling. Upgraded barb wire conchos. Elrod wood stirrups. Serial # KNO 24240507 EG FFBN.
Reason for sale- had new saddle custom made for my new young horse.
Cost new as shown per manufacturer $4150.00 plus tax and shipping.

Price: $2500

Photos of the saddle emailed upon request.

Contact: Michael Gennis Email:

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  1. erika says

    I see a lot of cutting saddles that are rough out. What are your thoughts on that? Which is better rough out or smooth out or a combo?

  2. Mark (Hickok) Williams says

    Nice saddle… I’m just getting back after years off riding. Taking some refreasher lessons with my son. The only saddles I’ve ever owned or used were just the ones that were availabe and “on-sale.”

    I have no idea how to properly ID what saddle size is correct, or what each measurement should stand for. Can you help me with info or a web link?

    Thanks for all of your great traing advice in your emails…


  3. Si Jarboe says

    thanks for the Thank you response.. I think you’re great at what you do and hope you’re treated well. You sure put out a lot for your fans. of which I’m one.
    That saddle is a nice one.. but I’m a 15 ” seat girl..
    take care

  4. Francine Allyn says

    HUGE CONGRATULATIONS on your win in the El Rancho Futurity Open Finals! You said it would be fun to watch. It was better than fun, it was fantastic. I loved the way the crowd in stands were all for you. Unfortunately, I watched you on the webcast, so I was cheering at home.

    Take good care.


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